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Web Developer
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Twin Creek Media is a full-service marketing agency made up of amazing people with epic skills and whole lot of drive. We are an extended marketing department for lots of companies - our clients are small and mid-sized businesses, both local and distant. We offer strategy, design, and advertising services to help their companies grow. If you'd like to see your direct impact in the Okanagan, as well as across Canada and USA, you'll like working here.

What we need:

We need a Web Developer that helps create and update custom marketing websites, templates, and assets for our clients on the MODX content management system, Shopify, and WordPress.

Ideally you can also help investigate fun tech problems, research new technology, integrate LiveChat systems etc. You’ve worked with CMS systems before (PHP/MySQL based). You also have an understanding of basic technical SEO optimization and best practices (it’s all about Page Speed these days!)

Got another talent/skill that you think would work well in our agency? Let us know.


Who you are & What you’ll do

You are confident in taking provided Photoshop mockups and wireframes from our creative team and making it “work” using HTML, CSS, JS, and any new emerging tools that might help our clients. You’ll be challenged with making things display well on all sorts of screen sizes, animating buttons, backgrounds and more.

You enjoy building out elements and creating content & content elements in our CMS of choice (knowledge of MODX is not required, easily learned by tech-minded people) using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery. We use Bootstrap as a starting point for the vast majority of our projects. Knowledge of Shopify and WordPress is an asset, but again easily learned for tech-minded people.

Some of your time each month will also be spent continually optimizing our clients’ websites with technical SEO best practices. We have a suite of tools and training available as things change constantly!

A bit about money, time, and pace at Twin Creek…

Our marketing agency is fast-paced and the nature of the work changes all the time. You’ll have easy weeks and crazy weeks.

We give people a lot of freedom, so motivated people do better than people that need micro-managing. You’ll have a great annual salary. You have vacation time & flex time.

We don’t work by the hour and you don’t get paid by the hour. Did you come in at 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:15am? Did you leave at 3:00pm 5:15pm, 7pm? Doesn’t matter too much.

This position is in-house, working physically in our Kelowna office 3 days per week (Tuesday – Thursday), and remote 2 days per week (Monday & Friday). If you are only interested in 100% remote, please do not apply.

The salary for this position ranges between $50,000 and $75,000, depending on experience and skills.

We offer perks and flexibility so you can have fun and enjoy life. We live in Kelowna for a reason, right?! Life’s too short to hate what you do every day, so let’s build something great together.


  • Flexible working hours: as long as the work gets done and on time, feel free to go to your personal appointment, pick up your kid, etc.
  • Partly remote: our team works remotely 1-2 days per week normally.  So work from home, coffee shop, beach, etc…. or even relax if you’ve had a crazy week
  • Monthly cell phone credit
  • Health benefits
  • Casual dress (Flannel shirt? Graphic tee? Korean fashion runway? Go for it!)
  • Fun team lunches, outings, conferences, etc.

How to apply

Position Filled